About us

Buubla story began on a flight when our little son (then at the potty chair age) needed to use a toilet.

Back then we did not have a potty chair with us, thus, our son started to cry and refused to use the toilet.

Once we returned from the journey, we wanted to purchase a travel potty chair for our son as we were constantly on the move, and we did not want to carry around regular potty chair due to their large size.

We made some googling, and the results was very surprising. There were basically no travel potty chairs on the market, and if there were any, they did not meet our requirements for a travel potty chair.

No more than a month or two later, Buubla was invented.

We did not just want to make a travel potty chair, but also a potty chair that could be used in everyday life, minimal amount of material, look and feel regular, and that could be used until in need of a potty chair.

Now Buubla potty chair is a US patented product. Also EU patent pending.


Buubla name was made up by our son.

Once we were discussing about the several possible names for the company in the kitchen, our son wanted to intervene by saying "Buubla" (then about 2,5 years old). And there it was. We thought Buubla name was easy to remember and easy to pronounce by children as well.

Now Buubla is a registered trade mark of Buubla Oy.